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Beginning of 'Noble'
Noble Hospital & Research Centre was inaugurated on 30th June, 2007. Several honorable Cabinet Ministers, Noted Personalities, Doctors & many dignitaries glorified this auspicious occasion by their presence, and in 1st April 2016 the former Noble Hospital And Research Centre turns into a “Asian Noble Hospital Private Limited”.
A dream of reality ....
A long cherished desire of health care
April, 1999 ! almost 18 years ago, Dr. Bapu Kandekar & Dr. Mrs. Sangeeta started their career with full devotion to serve the needy. All the time they dreamt & had a long cherished desire of a full fledged Multi- Super-speciality Hospital with all modern techniques.
To bring this dream come true in the form of "Asian Noble Hospital Private Limited", many colleagues of different specialities open heartedly joined hands with this devoted couple.
Appropriate ailments on almost all health problems, diseases & disorders by most competent & experienced Doctors, fully trained Nursing staff, fully devoted & efficient para-medical staff all under one roof are the eye catching features of Asian Noble Hospital Private Limited. As we are fully aware of the fact that, successful Medical Institute does not depend only on its external appearance but should possess internal Departments of equally competent Caliber.
Asian Noble Hospital Private Limited located in the Heart of Ahmednagar City is proud to assure the best of Medical & Healthcare services to all the needy because we strongly believe in collective efforts rather than Individuality.

Dr. Bapusaheb Kandekar .....A short biographical film.

Yes ! We are different
  • - All advanced health facilities under one roof.
  • - 3 Cardiologists, Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Endocrinologist, Nephrologist, Urosurgeon, Oncosurgeon, Orthopedician, Gynaecologist, Ophthalmologist, ENT Surgeon, 24 hours available.
  • - Full time M.D.(Medicine) ICU In-charge for 24 hours.
  • - 24 Hrs. working NABL Accredited Pathology Lab.
  • - 24 Hrs. Medical Store for OPD & IDD patients.
  • - RGJAY "A" + Grade Granted.
  • - Death ratio is very low.
  • - All Medical Ethics are strictly followed.
  • - Average hospital stay is only about 5-6 days, which is very less as compared to other hospitals.
  • - Well trained staff.
  • - ISO Certified Hospital.
Quality Policy

Dept. of Cardiology & Cardiothoracic Surgery

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dept. of Neurology & Endocrinology

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dept. of Nephrology & Urosurgery

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dept. of Endoscopic Surgery & High Risk Obst. & Gynaecology

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dept. of Ophthalmology & Orthopadiecs

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Dept. of E.N.T. Radiology & Pathology

Expertisation & Procedures at Asian Noble Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

Consultants accept ultimate responsibility for the care of all the patients referred to them.
Here is the team who are dedicated to the service of mankind.

Dr.Bapusaheb Kandekar

Consultant Cardiologist
M.D.(Med.) B.J.Medical College, Pune
D.M.(Cardiology) J.J.Hospital, Mumbai

Dr.Sandeep N. Gade

Consultant Cardiologist
M.D.(Med.) KEM Hospital, Mumbai
D.M.(Cardiology) G.S.Pant Hospital,
New Delhi
FACC-Fellowship of the American College of Cardiology

Dr.Dhananjay Ware

Consultant Cardiologist
M.D.(Med.) Sion,Mumbai
D.M.(Cardiology) GMC & JJ Hospital, Mumbai

Dr.Harshawardhan Tanwar

M.S.,M.Ch.(Urology) KEM Hospital, Mumbai
Fellowship - American College of Surgeons (FACS)

Dr.Bhagwandas H. Kalani

M.D.(Med.) Sasoon Gen. Hospital, Pune
DNB (Nephrology) Mulyabai Patel Urological Hospital, Nadiad, Gujrat

Dr.Mahesh Ghuge

General & Laparoscopic Sergeon
Robotic Surgeon & Endoscopist
M.B.B.S., DNB (General Surgery) New Delhi
Fellowship In Minimal Access Surgery

Dr.Kalyani Pawar Choudhary

M.B.B.S. DGO, FCPS, DNB (OBGY) KEM Mumbai, High Risk Obstetric

Dr.Preeti Thorat

Consultant Opthomologist
M.B.B.S. NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science, Nagpur
DOMS NKP Salve Institute of Medical Science, Nagpur
Fellowship - ICO - International Council of Ophthalmology

Dr.Nikam Shailesh

ENT Surgeon
M.B.B.S. MS E.N.T.

Dr.Saykad Sandeep Gorakh

Consultant Radiologist
M.B.B.S., D.M.R.E.

Dr.Ashok B.Bhandare

M.B.B.S., DCP - B.J. Medical College, Pune
DNB - K.E.M. Hospital, Pune

Dr.Amol Kaswa

Consultant Neuro Surgeon
M.S. (General Surgery)
M.Ch. (Neuro Surgery)

Dr.Lalit Banswal

Consultant Onco Surgeon
M.S. (General Surgery)
Fellowship - Surgical Oncology
Ex. Assist. Prof - Surgical Onco
Govt. Cancer Hospital, Aurangabad

Dr.Amol Gadakh

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
M.B.B.S, D-Ortho

The cashless mediclaim policy is a type of insurance where policyholders can be hospitalised, get the relevant treatment and be discharged without having to pay anything from their pockets.



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Asian Noble Hospital Pvt Ltd.

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